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What's news? - Art

Pat Macy Art Space

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I'll be looking to have another exhibition in the new year of 2021, so stay tuned for that

eastern suburbs art

Eastern Suburbs ArtI'll be collaborating with some of my fellow creative artists to bring you their works in the new year also.


What's news? - Music

patrick macy songwriting

The lockdown has actually been a good chance to get back to being creative, as a result, in what spare time I have between the digital world, painting and getting out and coaching tennis, I've been able to concentrate on my other passion - songwriting. So I am hoping to be able to put some finished songs together soon, along with some of the collaborations I have been working on with friends...

Want to contact me ?

You can on 0409 328 360 or patrick@patrickmacy.com.au or simply fill out the form below

patmac media

Patmac Media

Patmac Media is my digital media business, specialising in web design, digital design, logo and brand design, e-marketing and media.

patmac media web design

website design

Patmac Media has over 20 years in the industry, seeing the evolution of website design, having worked on initial HTML and Flash animated sites to currently working with CMS Platforms like is an Adobe Business Catalyst partner and Wordpress.

patmac media and branding


Branding is part of any business. It is your identity and how you are recognised. Patmac Media has a vast experience in Branding, from concept through to completion. Whether it be Logo Design, Character Design, Print Media or Slogans. Patmac Media can do it for you.

email marketing and campaigns

email marketing

Patmac Media can take care of all your email marketing. Weekly, even monthly e-Newsletters are always a great way of keeping your customers and viewers happy. Patmac Media can design custom made email templates and headers for all your e-Campaigns.